Trading Technologies

Trading Technology

We are specialized in strategy & indicator development for Metatrader4, Metatrader5, Tradestation and NinjaTrader, CIT Investing is private financial company for consulting, developing, integrating, managing, auditing, planning, our projects uniting best developers from all over the world, we offer our clients one of the easiest, safest and most reliable ways of conducting Forex trading operations with the best trading systems and strategies.

Performance Benchmarking

We are working to develop most trading ideas, we would be glad to offer clients outstanding services, Our consulting service will help you to find the best tools and easy way to grow your profit and limit risk and damages.

Forex Service

Financial Softwares

Financial Software Leader

We are specialised software development company which owns and supports all proprietary technology relating to and including the Metatrader, TradeStation & NinjaTrader trading platform, we are providing the best financial services to traders of stocks, futures and foreign exchange products, our softwares are always FREE to use for advanced charting, Economic calendar, as we offer outstanding service for 99% strategy backtesting and trade simulation using our sophisticated learning machine software with high performance and  robusteness.

Backtesting EA & Indicators

we provide very high performance backtesting engine, we are specialized in historic data that allows us to simulate your automated trading strategies on historical data and analyze their past performance, fully synchronized across the platform as if it was happening in real time, we can test thousand of strategies in 1 minute improving parts, changing parameters to do simulation in different environement to filter out the best strategies.

Forex Audit

Forex Windows VPS

Forex Windows VPS & RDP

Virtual Hosting for the MetaTrader platforms is the best VPS solution for Forex especially for automated trading; the virtual hosting server allows creating and envirenment of trading on remote server, Run your trading robots and copy deals of professional signal providers on a virtual platform 24 hours a day (Forex VPS), while your laptop or personal computer is switched off, your platform operates in your absence, also you must choose nearest Data-center to your trading server to ensures minimum delays to the broker's server.

Trading Station (Multi-Screen)

We are not specialized in softwares only, our subsidiary company and partners specializedn in IT & hardware will customize your needed computer and monitor arrays for comfortable and trading conditions, buying a new trading computer is proven way to get motivated as professional trader, improve your productivity and reduce errors, trading station computer with multiple monitors, we serve the best solutions for Banks, private Investor, Insurance companies...

We are planing to extend our distrubtion points for fast shipping and delivery around the world, EU & Middle East soon...

Trading PC