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Easy Renko Trading Strategy 2019

Discover Stalker Fx Pro indicator, best forex trading system based on price action & fundamental analysis with safe renko chart strategy for metatrader 4, Work on Forex, stocks, Features, CFD, indices,indian markets, Crypto currency trading...

Angular Trend

Stalker Fx is sophisticated chart with perfect trend detection, Silence has a sound and calm before the storm!, prepare yourself for best signals, Any scale has fluctuations, stop loss is the key of success, a 30 pips keep you live longer, There are plenty of opportunities to win.

Stalker FxPro Renko Chart

Stalker FxPro Scalping renko Chart

Renko for Scalping or Daytrade

Forex scalping indicator that give clear entry and exit rules, Red for Sell, Green to Buy, a perfect trading system for scalping and daytrade, strategy is simple but very effective, work on any markets, Forex, Futures, Stocks, Index, CFDs, Commodity, Indian Markets, Bitcoin...

Symmetric Trading rules

Stalker FxPro use symmetric trading rules, as signals are based on support & resistance, the begining of a signal is considered as the end of the opposite signal, is the best way to collect the profit early and reduce the risk levels.

Symmetrice Forex Trading System

Stalker FxPro Renko Chart trading

Trade Long Terms

Like you trade on High timeframe for longterms investment, Stalker FxPro Also can do! that, to move from scalping mode to Medium/Long term investment just increase the RenkoBoxSize to double, triple or Higher to raise the movement step.

Market Insight

Conducting forex trading using this tools does not necessarily equate to achieving true market insight, market insight digs deep below the surface to sucess your trading, So make sure to prepare yourself, set a plan by taking a simple overview on ( TV, Business News, Forecast Sentiment ...etc), Economic events Financial crisis may flip all scales, Choose the best for you, Avoid the worst.

Forex Market Insight

“Beyond the renko chart, Big or Small, one trading System for All, Put Stop Loss! Even monkeys fall from the tree, but only sometimes

Khalid .A, Founder and CEO, CIT Investing .Ltd

Stalker FxPro Features

No Time-Frame

No Time-Frame

System work with Live Renko Offline Chart, Time is disabled, because ploting bars is based only on Pips Movement

Sound Notification

Sound Notification

Once New Potential trade appear, system will notify you with audible Sound as Alert on Metatrader 4 Platform

Email Notification

Email Notification

System support sending Signal Alert to specified email in SMTP Setting found in Metatrader settings

Metatrader Push Notification

Mobile Push-Notification

Instant notifications of signal for trends to mobile powered by iOS or Android using Cloud MetaQuotes ID

Metatrader Trend Alert

Pop-Up Trend Alert

Instant Trend detailed Alert for potential trade, will be shown as Pop-Up windows on your metatrader 4 on Pc

Price Action

Price Action Based

One Trading strategy based on Price action & Fendamental analysis, each signal must be synchonized & confirmed with economic news

1 Live Account / Unlimited Demo

Submit your trading account, package will be sent with 24h during business days

Terms and Refund Policy
All purchase are Final once the Licensed package delivered, any charge-backs or attempt to ask refund after getting the licensed copy will will be argued strenuously by us with reference to these terms and conditions of sale

FREE Risk trial demo available before purchase

Frequently Asked Questions

About Stalker FxPro

This indicator supports All Forex pairs, Features, Indian Markets, MCX, Indices, commodities, CFDs, Stocks, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum...
Only MT4, Stalker FxPro work only Metatrader 4 platform, and most brokers that operate with MT4 are supported.
License is valid for LifeTime, no expiry date, You can use it as long as you retain the same trading account number.
Yes, it's a mechanical renko trading system, all orders will be carried by the trader manually for better performance nothing bettton to have full control.
We can say that 70% of signals cases are right inside Vs weak signal, Bearing in mind that not all signals must taken very seriously, trading using price behavior ( price action) depends on economic news that has the major impact on price movement.

Technical Questions

Yes, the package is offered as Setup WIZARD *.EXE to proceed installation automatically just click next, next until finish, for other operating systems, we will send you the package Files to be copied in MT4 Diectory folder.
just contact us Technical support, take screenshot to explain the issue, we will try to solve it for you with pleasure, if you don't know how to install the system first time, our technical support agent will schedule a Remote Session via teamViewer.

We performed deep walk-through optimation test to reduce the false positive trend translated by "repaint" less than 5% which Rarely occur during price recession on sideway movement area which not favored to trade in, also we recommend to take order after the current Bar close because it's more acurate by end-status for sure if all conditions are verified.

There is other factor broker-side like exchange rate fluctuations or "widening spreads", or "Gaps" can cause repainting, So make sure to generate the renko chart and adjust all indicators sensivity correctly to have high stability.