About Company & Mission


CIT Investing is company has been operating since 2010. Together hand in hand with private developers, freelancer, our team has years of experience in the financial market, trading platforms and most programming languages used in Metrader, TradeStation, NinjaTrader, We don’t simply provide our clients with hit-and-run strategies, We’re in it for the long haul.


We are specialized in developement of strategies, indicator for Metatrader4, Metatrader5, Tradestation, and NinjaTrader, be sure to develop a strategy, it is not enough to know just the language itself, you also need trader experience, so what you need ! is a trader developer rather than a developer only, the importance of being a trader is very essential for success .

We provide a broad range of consultation services for financial markets. We can help with auditing source codes, discussing strategies, analyzing reports, developing ideas, and finding the right team, Just ask us and we'll provide you with a detailed list of the best solutions!

  • Proper planning is an important part of any growing business. We’ll guide you in the right direction.
  • Experienced in market trading and tool development, which is why we truly understand the trading business.
  • Provide high quality and proven Indicators, Expert Advisor, also ready trading systems that passed all tests
  • We offer a consulting package for clients, covering all critical and positive aspects related brokers and quality

One of our mission is finding the best forex broker for our clients needs by taking some research, we do a secret investigation as sample client, and perform a self testing of broker quality during a wide period, we scrutinize everything about the company targeted, verify the regulation, old and last review evaluation or complaints and scam warnings, we test the platform quality: Servers, Data-centers and servers speed, and uptime, monitoring and evaluation of Spread, slippage, order executions quality, re-quotes rates or order rejection, the platform's performance during the violent movement during high volatility periods, also we evaluate the company itself, customer services and the standards KYC to get background about difficulties that may faced by our customers exemple : verify the account ownership with documents and adress proof or incorporation certificate for business and corporate accounts to justify a deposit or withdraw funds, as some brokers may ask the impossible! due of the absence of scrutiny languages department, thats the case of 70% of brokers can not proceed the verification of Arabic Doucuments, because we found some brokers ask for translation of the "Biometric Passport" in known that it is a universal standard document and not translation needed!.

Hundreds of online brokerage firms now compete for your account, so plenty exist to choose from. Check out our procedures above how we select a broker, Will not be afraid of telling the truth about any company, what we see as positives, may suit us but may not suit you, so we saw right, potentially wrong, the argument asserts that opinion holder is not the absolute truth holder but it is a holder of the idea of unbearable wrong to leave interval for debate, communication and correction if necessary.

We’re located in Algeria, CIT is Phenix Group Holding .Inc and welcome you to contact us anytime. However, rather than send us an e-mail, we recommend that you use the contact form or get touch with us via emails, please be concise so that we can effectively help you. We'll do our best to reply to your message within forty-eight hours.

Please note that we don’t offer phone support for products, Only for companies If you’d like to contact the CEO by telephone, please schedule an appointment first,  For such inquiries, please contact the Department concerned  by e-mail in footer and contact page.

For More infos : contact@cit-investing.com