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We distribute proprietary software as open source form include detailed Secret ( Entry / Exit trading rules ) with money management with full backtest statement on metatrader platform, the code can be used to build custom strategy or Auotmated trading for any platform or creation of Stand-alone softwares.

NOTE: We do custom research for any Forex Pairs Majors / Crosses

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15 Days

TERMS: This service is only for Business owner and companies specialized in Asset management, Fund investment, Capital Management & PAMM services who have their own their trusted inner or third-party developers, to avoid any conflict of Infringement of rights Or potential leakage of commercial algorithms to third parties.

A computer program or Algorithms is a set of instructions expressed by the words of schemas, organigrams or any form that, once inserted into a position by a machine, leads to electronic changes that can result in or be able to obtain a certain result by computer or any electronic means capable of processing information .

Our algorithm and code and programs are protected by copyright in accordance with Article 4 of Act No. 03-05 of 19 July 2005, and Is exempt from patent pursuant to Order No. 03-07 of 19 July 2003 relating to patents.